About TCD in numbers


TCD in numbers  is an interactive data visualisation project that provides users with a tool to extract meaning from typically inaccessible statistics pertaining to the student body of Trinity College Dublin. Through the medium of a website, users can access graphic representations of data spanning the last hundred years. Drawing on official records from Trinity College and the Higher Education Authority and focusing on the four major themes of Gender, Domiciliary, Faculty and Age, TCD in numbers reveals patterns and raises questions about data that would otherwise be hidden in banal statistics.

As part of their Masters in Interactive Digital Media in Trinity College, the members of TCD in numbers developed the project to showcase their skills in programming, web development, graphic design and interactive media.

About the Statistics


TCD in numbers draws on official university and national records. While the more modern data from the seventies and later came from annual Higher Education Authority (HEA) reports and statistics from the Student Record Office, older data from the turn of the century was found in Trinity Library's College Calendars. As a result, much time and effort was put into compiling the datasets used in these visualisations, collating data from a range of hard and electronic sources.

Several issues were faced in the construction of these visualisations. In many cases data was unavailable resulting in gaps, whilst changing categorisation of data over the years, in particular with reference to faculties and college schools, put limitations on some visualisations.

About Us


Eoin Kilbride

Having completed his undergraduate degree in Modern Irish and History, Eoin then undertook his MSc. in Interactive Digital Media, both at Trinity College Dublin. Eoin has a keen interest in web and app development and his other passions include hurling and reading.

Contact: kilbride@tcd.ie

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Clí­ona de Paor

A graduate of History at Trinity College Dublin, Clí­ona has experience in television and research, having worked on projects involving both current affairs and historical content. Undertaking this MSc. in Interactive Digital Media allowed her to pursue her interest in creative web applications and information design.

Contact: depaorca@tcd.ie

Twitter: @depaorca


Jeremiah Ambrose

Upon finishing his undergraduate degree in English, Media and Cultural Studies, Jeremiah went on to complete an M.Phil in Film Theory and History at Trinity College. This MSc. in Interactive Digital Media allowed him to explore more creative applications of digital media tying in with his passions for film and art. Currently Jeremiah is focusing on web design and interactive media.

Contact: ambrosej@tcd.ie

Twitter: @owlwink

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TCD in numbers would not have been possible without the help of various people.

We would like to thank Vivienne Patterson, Head of Statistics at the Higher Education Authority, and Peter Hynes, Head of Student Records in Trinity College, for their help sourcing the data.

We would also like to extend our thanks to Glenn Strong, Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science and Statistics, and Marguerite Barry, our Project Supervisor, for their help and support throughout the project.